Psychiatrist • Marriage Counsellor • Sex Consultant

Dr Rajiv Anand is a practising Psychiatrist, Marriage Counsellor & Sex Consultant in Mumbai for the last 34 years.

A kind, humble human being, he has a host of experience & accomplishments under his belt. Having passed his MBBS in 1976 and MD in 1980 from King George’s Medical College Lucknow, he set up practice in Mumbai in 1981.

Given his tremendous fore vision, he soon realized the deteriorating state of the sacred institution of marriage and was a pioneer in starting a Marriage Counselling & Sex Clinic way back then. Since then,he has helped thousands of couples rediscover new meaning and happiness in their relationships.

Dr. Anand’s innovative leadership skills soon led to his election as the President of Indian Medical Association, Mumbai West Branch, in 1995 and then again in 2004—5. Here, he was honoured with the “Best President” award.

He was also designated ‘Chairman - Cultural Committee”, given his tremendous love for music and arts. He remained the Editor of Medical Image –Monthly bulletin of IMA for three years.

Realizing the extreme discomfort of parents talking about the birds and the bees to their growing children, he authored a comprehensive book named “What every young adult must know about sex”.

Besides this, his love for sharing his learning has led to many of his articles and quotes being continuously published in innumerable magazines and newspapers.

He has been invited as a guest on Canadian and Indian Radio Shows and lent his expertise on many national TV programs.

Besides helping people in one to one sessions, Dr. Anand has conducted over 2700 workshop for various group sizes varying from 10 to 800 in the last 15 years alone.

He has regularly conducted workshops in association with the Nalanda Foundation, a group associated with The Times of India.

In addition, he is also an affiliated consultant with the NIE foundation of The Times of India group, which conducts programs for various schools across Mumbai and surrounding areas.

His clients range over all ages starting from 2 years to 90 years all over the world. Many of his overseas clients avail of his online therapy program and have successfully been guided to lead happier lives.

Dr. Anand currently practices at three locations in Andheri West, Juhu and Lokhandwala Complex.